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Marrymemakeup provides makeup artist that are sculptors of charming and beautiful personality. For us, applying makeup is not just making you look beautiful and photogenic but it is much more than that. We believe that all makeup looks masked if it is not carried with the right attitude or if it does not suit your personality perfectly.


We provide professional makeup artist who employ a cohesive approach towards beautifying you for a special occasion, a modeling shoot, a talent show event or a portfolio. We provide the most expert, experienced and understanding artists in Jacksonville. There is hardly any surprise in the fact that the reputation of Marrymemakeup has spread far and wide outside Florida to the whole of United States because of the unparalleled services of our makeup artists.


Our makeup artists employ a cohesive approach towards beautifying. Their approach can be explained through the following pointers:



  1. Our artists understand the fact that they have to work on the most complicated and challenging canvases ever known-The Human Body. They have developed an intricate understanding of the different looks and variations that manifest themselves in the form of diverse society that we have. They believe in the inherent beauty and smartness of humans and through their artistry they try nothing more than to bring the uniqueness and distinct charm of each client’s personality.
  2. They try to understand the preferences and desires of the client. Their vast and dense knowledge of the traditional and prevalent trends allows them to suggest ideas that help in evolving the dream image for the client. They allow the clients to further develop their insight by showing them various portfolios and introducing them to the latest trends.
  3. The celebrity makeup artists from marrymemakeup carry loads of experience of working with various high class people including cinema and television celebrities. They wish to translate their experience in giving you a dream look that not only brings the best out of your personality but also attracts the cameras and the envy of the onlookers.
  4. Our artists are expert in all forms of makeup techniques like special effects makeup artistry, cosmetic artistry and theatrical artistry. They have qualifications in each of these disciplines from reputed institutions of the United States.
  5. Our artists take special care to evolve a look for you that not just perfectly fits your personality but that which also makes you the center of attraction in the gathering by anticipating the surroundings of the event for which you are preparing.


Marrymemakeup proudly serves areas in Florida - Largo Kendall, Deland,Palm Coast, Vero Beach, Melbourne, New Smyrna Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, MiamiBeach, St.Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Kissimmee, Orlando, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Lake City, Amelia Iland, Fernandina Beach, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Jacksonville.
Marrymemakeup proudly serves areas in Georgia - Fulton, Bryan, Glynn, Lowndes.

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