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Weddings are unquestionably one of the most important events in the lives of brides and Marrymemakeup is committed to make it all the more special by giving the brides their dream look for the occasion.


Over the years, bridal makeup has evolved into a special art. The growing influence of fashion industry, media and greater access to the lifestyles of the celebrities has had a great influence in the development of bridal artistry. No one can ignore the affect that modern cosmetic products and latest techniques have had on the bridal makeup industry.. We at Marrymemakeup try to blend these changes while focusing on the unique personality and highlights of every individual.


Our experience and innovation in the bridal artistry industry has made each one of our bridal makeup artist a phenomenon in not just Jacksonville but the whole of United States. You can avail a number of advantages from us by choosing to get groomed for the special day of your life. The advantages that Marrymemakeup offers include the following:


  1. We offer a vast range of packages for bridal makeup which suit women of different regional and ethnical backgrounds. We take special care to offer our packages across all budget ranges so that all women of the community can enjoy our services.
  2. Bridal artists from Marrymemakeup in Florida believe in creativity through consultation and evolving ideas. We wish to develop an organic process of interaction so that your dream bridal look becomes a reality. At the same time we introduce you to the latest trends that can suit your personality so as to widen your horizon of imagination.
  3. We take special care of the fact that the bride has to be the center of attraction of the gathering and therefore our focus is always on uniqueness. We do not try to change your looks into one of the prevalent stereotypes, rather we aim to bring out the charm and feminist sensitivity inherent in every women’s personality. We are expert in making your looks and your attitude a manifestation of your rich and diverse human soul.
  4. Marrymemakeup ensures highest quality products to be used for makeup. In fact we give ample number of options to the bride to select from while explaining the merits and demerits of each. Whatever the product used or whatever be the special look you choose for the occasion, we ensure that your makeup will remain as much a part of your face as your smile on the happiest day of your life when you would be showered with countless number of congratulatory kisses. With us you do not have to worry for the makeup getting washed away with tears of happiness or departure or betraying in the heat. You can continue to enjoy the occasion with your photogenic looks for as long as you like.


Marrymemakeup proudly serves areas in Florida - Largo Kendall, Deland,Palm Coast, Vero Beach, Melbourne, New Smyrna Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, MiamiBeach, St.Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Kissimmee, Orlando, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Lake City, Amelia Iland, Fernandina Beach, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Jacksonville.
Marrymemakeup proudly serves areas in Georgia - Fulton, Bryan, Glynn, Lowndes.

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